A new look at your G&G datasets can go the extra mile

Oil & Gas, Mining, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), Renewables, Nuclear Waste… we put our geological expertise at the service of a broad spectrum of industry applications.

We are a data driven company, though we also make use of state-of-the-art 2D & 3D interpretation and modelling tools. Our experience tells us that an in-depth understanding of geological processes and principles is key to successful G&G assessment.

Our projects and training courses are tailored, fit-to-purpose, and ultimately designed to highlight the geological and exploratory implications of your area of interest. With our solid background in structural geology, highly deformed and structurally complex terrains are our favourite beasts.

Exploration & Production

From regional to prospect scales, we help our clients to identify and characterise prospective areas and plays. Whether it be de-risking reservoir presence, fault seal potential, structural controls on magmatic and mineralisation emplacement, or geological evolution of the prospective area, we are here to help. Decreasing geological uncertainty is our game.


Oil & Gas

After years of working with exploration and production teams worldwide, we know how to squeeze subsurface data till the last drop, maximizing geological output and de-risking the key elements of the petroleum system. We have worked onshore and offshore in a wide range of petroleum basins where geological complexity and scarce/poor data are common features. The devil is in the details.



Mineral exploration and production is a risky business. It is usually done in areas of scarce and poor-quality data, high structural complexity, and sudden geometric changes to the ore deposits. Whether porphyry copper development is controlled by the structural framework, magmatic intrusions that grew along the fault network, or by mineral alteration favoured by basin evolution, we are here to help.

Energy Transition

As the world changes, we change with it. In our quest towards a cleaner, safer and more efficient planet, we support and collaborate with initiatives that favour the energy transition, reduce our collective carbon footprint, and minimise any risk during the production and management of radioactive waste. As part of a global society, we all have to do our bit.


Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) is rapidly becoming a driving force in the exploration and production schemes of the Energy Sector. As experts in subsurface characterisation, we are very aware of the risks with CCS initiatives. After years of working in the Industry, at Terractiva we can make the difference to minimise uncertainty in reservoir delineation, sealing potential, well placement, and overall structural complexity of CO2 sequestration and storage sites.


Assessing structure and source depth at geothermal sites and geological or geotechnical risks below the seabed for wind turbine placements are just two examples of how Terractiva’s subsurface expertise can help in the transition towards the use of clean energy sources. We can also help to characterise fracture-derived hazards that are intrinsic to the structure of the terrain where the site is located.


Often referred to as one of the most efficient energy sources, the use of nuclear energy has undergone consistent growth since society’s departure from fossil fuels. Safe management and disposal of radioactive waste requires an accurate understanding of the terrain where it is to be stored. Expertise and a solid understanding of the subsurface become essential in the process. Our expertise in subsurface interpretation can also deliver value to the characterisation of potential radioactive waste disposal sites.

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