We are convinced that being actively involved in R+D programs is essential to keep our technical work at high standards. At Terractiva we collaborate in research programs with different universities and research centres around the globe. See our list of collaborators for more information.

Terractiva is a young-minded, next generation company founded by two people with a long track record of scientific and industry experience in G&G assessments around the globe. With over 30 years of combined experience, we are technically competent in any geological setting, and we use industry-standard and leading-edge technology.

Alejandro Amilibia co-founded Terractiva in 2016

Alejandro Amilibia

Co-founder and Technical Director

Alejandro Amilibia finished his Ph.D. in 2002 at University of Barcelona, focusing on the processes controlling inversion tectonics in active margins.

For the next 6 years he held different research positions at Royal Holloway University of London and the University of Barcelona where he focused on geometrical modelling of compressional structures in areas like the Andes and the Zagros. In 2009 he joined Statoil where he provided internal consulting on structural geology and tectonics worldwide (Gulf of Mexico, Flemish Pass, Tanzania, South Atlantic Margin, East Mediterranean), working at all scales, from basin screening to prospect evaluation.

In Statoil he also worked in the Norwegian Continental Shelf Exploration unit, where he was involved in multiple concession rounds and high-impact discoveries such as the Johan Sverdrup giant field. In 2016, after 18 years of working experience, he co-founded Terractiva contributing his expertise in the global exploration market.

Technically, he has a strong background in tectonic-sedimentation interaction and geodynamics in both extensional and inverted tectonic settings. Alejandro has a profound love of mountains, that goes beyond geology. In his free time, you will easily find him climbing, skiing or hiking. Ah, and he is a real foodie!!

Oskar Vidal Royo co-founded Terractiva in 2016

Oskar Vidal Royo

Co-founder and Managing Director

Oskar Vidal Royo holds a Ph.D. from the University of Barcelona (High Honours) focusing on tectonics, sedimentation and salt mobilization in detachment folding.

 As a structural and exploration geologist with 14 years of worldwide experience he has worked in multiple geological settings and petroleum systems (the Bolivian, Colombian, and Argentinean Andes, the Gulf of Mexico, offshore Peru, offshore Brazil, the North Sea, the Norwegian Continental Margin, Papua New Guinea, Eastern Mediterranean) with special focus on salt tectonics, thrust and fold belts and inverted settings, 2D/3D restoration and geological modelling.

After 3 years working for Midland Valley Exploration as a Senior Structural Geologist, he co-founded Terractiva in 2016 to deliver world-class geological consulting and advice for the hydrocarbon and mining industries at regional, basin and prospect/deposit scale.

He is also actively involved in research programs with Geomodels at University of Barcelona, ITS at the University of Texas, Geosciences at the University of Arizona and the University of Stavanger. When not at work, Oskar is normally writing, recording and producing his own music, or cycling in the hills. He is also a certified Yoga and Spinning™ instructor.

Hodei Uzkeda (PhD)

Exploration Geologist

Hodei Uzkeda became a member of Terractiva in November 2019. He holds a PhD awarded by the University of Oviedo (2013). His PhD thesis was focused on the study of an inverted basin located at the North Iberian margin.

His main research interests are: forward modelling and restoration of geological structures, especially fault-related ones, in compressional and inversion tectonics settings, subsidence analysis and virtual outcrop generation and interpretation. During his career he has worked in different areas such as the Cantabrian Mountains, the Pyrenees, the Asturian Basin and the Sub-Andean ranges  of Argentina and  Bolivia.

Before joining Terractiva he was a postdoctoral fellow at the Royal Holloway University of London (2013-2016) and the University of Oviedo (2016-2019), where, in addition to his research activity, taught courses to Geology Degree and Master students and directed BSc dissertations. He has published several papers in scientific journals and given presentations in international meetings.

During this free time, he enjoys climbing mountain passes on his road bike and running. He is also keen on painting historical, fantasy and sci-fi  miniatures.

Cristoph Kierdorf (PhD)

Basin Modeller (Associate)

Christoph Kierdorf finished his Ph.D. in 2006 at University Bremen, focusing on the processes controlling the variability of organic carbon along the continental margin of East Greenland.

In 2006 he joined Statoil where he provided internal consulting on organic geochemistry and basin modelling to exploration groups worldwide (Norwegian Continental Shelf, Indonesia, North Africa, Eastern Mediterranean), working at all scales, from basin screening to prospect evaluation. In Statoil he also worked in the Africa New Ventures Exploration unit, where he was involved in multiple basin screening studies, data room evaluations and concession rounds.

Christoph joined Maersk Oil in 2014 where he was first part of the Norwegian Exploration unit before working as a specialist for petroleum system analysis in Maersk Oil’s geoscientific expert team, again providing internal consulting to exploration teams. Since 2017 he delivers world-class geological consulting and advice for the hydrocarbon industry with his expertise on exploration geology and petroleum system analysis.

Technically, he has a strong background in all aspects of petroleum system analysis, including source rock evaluation, maturation and migration modelling, and preparation of organic geochemical studies. Christoph loves to explore the underwater world and nature as well as the cities and cultures of the places where he lives, and he is passionate foodie too! uses cookies to offer you the best experience online. By continuing to use our website, you agree to the use of cookies. If you would like to know more about cookies and how to manage them please view more information

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