Fit to purpose, Fluid communication, and Implications for Prospectivity

Since our early inception, we see ourselves as part of your team, tailoring each project to meet our clients’ needs. By keeping frequent communication, we maintain fluid collaboration, reaching the end of the project safely and smoothly. Our projects are ultimately designed to decrease the uncertainty of the geological interpretation and to highlight the implications for prospectivity.

Fluid communication

We see ourselves as part of your team, holding frequent meetings and keeping the collaboration fluid from the beginning until the end of the project

Implications for Prospectivity

Our projects are ultimately designed to overcome the technical challenges of G&G data while always highlighting the implications for prospectivity

Fit to purpose project design

We tailor each project to meet the specific needs of the client, designing fit-to-purpose workflows and timelines

Geological Concept

We are a data driven company, and our interpretations are guided by down-to-detail observations of geological processes. However, we also make use of modelling as a tool to test and better understand the geological processes involved.

Structural Modelling

We make use of industry-standard software applications in seismic interpretation, seismic attributes, structural modelling and fault seal analysis. Combined with solid geological concepts, this has been a winning integrated formula for de-risking structurally complex terrains. Common techniques we use in our projects include 2D & 3D restoration and backstripping, fault and fault-seal analysis, strain & stress analysis, and more advanced techniques such as fracture and fault response modelling.

Seismic Interpretation

From regional to prospect scales, our expertise and industry-standard software allows us to complete 2D & 3D seismic interpretation for a wide range of complex structural settings. We have proven expertise mapping seismic data onshore and offshore, in extensional and inverted basins, fold and thrust belts, salt and shale tectonics, and magmatic terrains.

Field Geology

Although often overlooked in a time where machine-driven interpretations are king, field work and field mapping are still top-of-the-list in our company values. With a long track-record of field experience in different continents and settings, we encourage companies and individuals to conduct fieldwork as a way to improve the understanding of your area, validating or reconsidering existing interpretations (the devil is in the details!) and, of course, to enjoy the outdoors and be in contact with nature. Think we can help?
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From Introductory to Advanced, Theoretical and Applied, In-house or in the Field, we offer a range of courses tackling multiple aspects of structural geology, salt tectonics, tectonostratigraphic relationships and basin evolution. Just like our consulting projects, our courses are tailored to the specific needs of each client. Specific exercises are designed for each course, applied to solve the technical challenges in every particular case. We also offer courses that combine fieldwork, lectures and practical exercises. This format offers a very hands-on, dynamic, and fun way to apply the concepts learnt in the field while fostering a healthy, dynamic interaction within the group.

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