We implement integrated workflows that span different phases of the geological characterisation of petroleum systems and prospective basins. These workflows may differ depending on every specific case (i.e. project objectives and timeline, tectonic setting, available data, etc.) but they all share the goal of having a solid geological understanding, integrating all available data and emphasizing the implications for the area prospectively.

Basin Evolution

Understanding the formation and evolution of a sedimentary basin through time is key to predicting and evaluating the main factors controlling the petroleum system.

Tectonostratigraphic Assessment

Based on well-established geometric principles, we identify and highlight key relationships between stratigraphic units and structural features (faults, folds, and salt bodies)

Structural Analysis & Modelling

Nowadays, petroleum systems are often located in areas of great structural complexity. Whether it is extensional tectonics, compressional tectonics, strike slip, or any combination of these.

Opportunity Identification

Identifying successful prospective areas is a matter of understanding the risk and uncertainty associated with the elements characterising the petroleum system.


We also offer technical advice to teams and individuals interested in investment opportunities in different portfolios around the globe. Our experience in the global exploration market puts us in a good position to either assess the G&G aspects of new and old opportunities, as well as to build a team of top professionals to help you develop new business opportunities.

Asset Assessment

Scouting new opportunities, revisiting old or mature assets, and screening the basin in search of potential leads, are the core capabilities of Terractiva. We can help you with the identification, delineation and prioritization of new plays

Investment Opportunities

Our experience in the global exploration market allows us to advise you on up and coming exploration areas around the world, as well as the hot spots in the industry at the moment.

Gathering The Team

Gathering the right technical team is paramount to complete a successful E&P assessment. Our extensive network of contacts from a range of geoscience disciplines puts us in the right position to assemble a highly skilled team of professionals.



At Terractiva we believe that a profound understanding of geological processes and principles is key to a successful G&G assessment. We are a data driven company, though we also make use of state-of-the-art geological modelling tools in 2D and 3D. Our experience tells us however, that the key is always in the details behind the data.

We are convinced that being actively involved in R+D programs is essential to keep our technical work at high standards. At Terractiva we collaborate in research programs with different universities and research centres around the globe.


We have a number of active collaborations with different contractors, research institutions and university departments. This way we keep feeding our extensive network of collaborators, but also our continuous learning curve and up-to-speed development through our R+D plans. We believe that education and learning are essential in the development of a professional career.

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