Based on well-established geometric principles, we identify and highlight key relationships between stratigraphic units and structural features (faults, folds, and salt bodies). This allows us to understand the contribution of sedimentary/depositional processes within a tectonic framework (stratigraphic vs. structural traps), as well as identifying the key stratigraphic mega-sequences within the petroleum system. Our strong background in exploration and structural geology allows us to use this understanding to identify the implications for area prospects (prospect de-risking).



We identify the stratigraphic sequences associated with the different stages of basin formation and evolution. Whether it is the pre-, syn- and post- sequences recording a rifting event, or the architecture of sinking mini-basins flanking a growing evaporitic body, or the morphology of the different units recording the growth of a fault related fold during compression, understanding these relationships is key to identifying the main features of the petroleum system.

Tierra Amarilla Field Interpretation -TECTONOSTRATIGRAPHIC ASSESSMENT - Terractiva.net expert in geological consultancy


The amount of uplift and subsidence undergone by a basin controls the amount of erosion and sedimentation responsible for detritic reservoir presence and quality, HC maturation, etc. Such processes can be revealed by an in-depth analysis of the tectono-sedimentary relationships observed on seismic data or in the field (truncation, onlap, toplap, thickness increase/decrease away from main active faults…) combined with sequential backstripping and restoration of deformation through time. This is also a powerful tool to understand paleobathymetry and paleotopography in carbonate, detritic and mixed deposital enviroments.

TECTONOSTRATIGRAPHIC ASSESSMENT 3D volumes- Terractiva.net expert in geological consultancy


Any project we do always has an emphasis on the implications for prospectivity. Highlighting the potential for reservoir presence/absence, the viability of migration paths at the time of charge, or the feasibility of the expected environment at the time of deposition, the ultimate goal of our project is to analyse the risk associated with any given prospect/lead.

Wheeler diagram petroleum system example - TECTONOSTRATIGRAPHIC ASSESSMENT

Tectonostratigraphic analysis equips us with the right tools to assess and de-risk the prospectivity of your AOI.

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