Nowadays, petroleum systems are often located in areas of great structural complexity. Whether it is extensional tectonics, compressional tectonics, strike slip, or any combination of these, understanding the structure is crucial to better defining prospect geometry, reservoir presence, compartmentalisation, and fracturing, as well as for primary/secondary porosity and permeability assessments. We can help you understand the structure and potential traps of your AOI, the evolution of strain, analyse the behaviour and relationship of the intervening fault families, or perform a fault seal analysis, among other techniques.



Using kinematic and geomechanical techniques allows us to understand the evolution of the petroleum system through time, as well as to derive certain parameters that we use in more advanced structural studies (analysis of strain distribution, interaction of deformation mechanisms, fracture prediction, etc.).

Structural Restoration thrust Passive Roof - structural analysis and modelling. Geological consulting of


Using forward modelling techniques help us to understand the interaction between different geological parameters in a forward sense (from less to more deformed stages). This is especially useful where the kinematic evolution is not completely clear or where there is a lower quality image in deeper structural domains (e.g. seismic data becoming poor in deeper sections).

Anaran DEM AA - structural analysis and modelling. Geological consulting of


Using new datasets and/or insights from modelling we are able to update the geological interpretation in 2D & 3D, implementing structurally viable interpretations.

Tierra Amarilla 3D Model AA - structural analysis and modelling. Geological consulting of


We analyse the hierarchy of the fault systems, as well as the distribution of fault throw, offset and sealing capacity (fault behaving as hydrocarbon flow conduits, baffle or barrier)

Cartoon antiformal stack Petroleum system analysis - structural analysis and modelling. Geological consulting of


Based on strain parameters derived from well/field data and structural modelling.

We are able to analyse the areas with larger likelihood for fracture generation as well as present a relative assessment of fracture density, distribution and orientation.

Tierra Amarilla Fractures AA - structural analysis and modelling. Geological consulting of

The structural assessment is essential for characterizing the elements which control hydrocarbon entrapment, compartmentalization, and effective migration pathways into your prospect/lead. uses cookies to offer you the best experience online. By continuing to use our website, you agree to the use of cookies. If you would like to know more about cookies and how to manage them please view more information

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