Terractiva Consulting, founded by Alejandro Amilibia and Oskar Vidal Royo, became a certified company in late 2016. Our track-record, however goes back more than 20 years when we had our first interaction with geology. It was then that we decided that geology would not be just our job, but our craft and lifestyle.

We are two young professionals with long and diverse track records which included travel and work in multiple countries abroad. Along the way, we both learned that world-class consulting requires hard work, constant learning, close collaboration, fluent communication and efficient decision making.
We founded Terractiva to be the company we had always dreamed to work for.

The four Q’s of Terractiva

Terractiva Geological Consultancy - Philosophy


We are a next generation, data driven company that bridges solid geological understanding with proficient use of the newest tools in 2D and 3D geological modelling. We provide clients with solutions based on our solid research and industry backgrounds, as well as our long and diverse expertise in the global exploration market. Our projects and courses are all designed in close collaboration with our clients.


Terractiva was conceived to provide expert geological consultancy and advice to Exploration and Production teams. Our philosophy is that a solid, integrated understanding of the geological processes in nature is the key to a successful G&G assessment. We combine well established geological concepts and principles with an in-depth knowledge and hands-on application of the newest tools for 2D, 3D, and 4D geological modelling.


Since January 2017, Terractiva has been helping Exploration and Production teams to de-risk and minimise the uncertainty in their prospects, plays and leads. Our experience however, dates back more than twenty years, capturing the complexity of natural geological systems.


Unlike others, we do not see ourselves as a mere technical service provider, ticking all the boxes just for the sake of it. Instead, we strive to be part of an integrated team, providing advice, sharing workload and facing challenges hand in hand with our clients.

Terractiva Geological consultancy - Philosophy

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