Identifying successful prospective areas is a matter of understanding the risk and uncertainty associated with the elements characterising the petroleum system. We use our expertise to help clients in the process of prospect identification and prioritization.



We screen the data in search of structural/sedimentary traps (three-way, four-way closures, etc.), defined by key geological features (faults, unconformities, salt bodies, etc.). We assess their potential for hosting hydrocarbon accumulations. We also zoom out to better assess other key factors of the petroleum system that may impact on your prospect pg (migration pathways, source rock presence and maturity, time of expulsion vs. trap generation, hydrocarbon preservation, etc.)

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Our expertise in the global exploration market allows us to support clients participating in Oil & Gas Bid and Licensing Rounds. We have proven experience in the preparation of licensing applications, in terms of both technical work and technical writing. We produce technical applications complying with the standard required by national energy agencies, with equal proficiency in English and Spanish.

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Identifying prospective opportunities and knowing how to transform them into successful business cases is one of Terractiva’s core abilities.

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