Understanding the formation and evolution of a sedimentary basin through time is key to predicting and evaluating the main factors controlling the petroleum system: potential presence of source rocks, reservoirs and traps; stratigraphy and associated depositional environments; basin subsidence, uplift and areas prone to erosion; structural styles and deformation controlling the density, type and distribution of fractures; conducting/sealing capacity of faults, timing of trap formation, migration and charge. All these are factors that we assess from regional to reservoir scales. In our mind, this is a must-do at early stages of the exploration time line when working in both New Ventures and mature basins.


Basin Screening

From regional to local (i.e. meter) scale we have developed a workflow to identify potential sweet spots by: screening the available data, describing the tectonic setting and structural styles, delimiting areas of interest (AOI) and establishing the geometries of geological bodies.

Basing Evolution 3D Model Multiple Grids - expert in geological consultancy

Seismic Interpretation & 3D Model Construction

We carry out full seismic interpretation of 2D & 3D datasets, building geological models that honour all data (active and passive seismic, field data, grav-mag, Magnetotellurics, etc.).

Basin Evo Anaran Zagros AA2 - expert in geological consultancy

Restoration & Structural Modelling

We test existing interpretations in 2D & 3D, highlighting misinterpreted areas and producing geologically valid models. Understanding the timing of key events and the relationships between horizons and faults allows us to better constrain the evolution of the basin. This is of special interest in areas where data is poor or scarce, helping us to discriminate between multiple scenarios.

Basin Evolution Tierra Amarilla Block Diagram - expert in geological consultancy

Understanding the evolution of a basin is key to unravelling the main factors which control your petroleum system. It requires a good tectonostratigraphic assessment as well as a good structural understanding over time. uses cookies to offer you the best experience online. By continuing to use our website, you agree to the use of cookies. If you would like to know more about cookies and how to manage them please view more information

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